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    Lancaster Windows and Doors is well known for its  customer service for window installation. Our commitment to service and customer satisfaction has established us as the best choice for homeowners seeking to upgrade their living spaces with professionally installed windows.Upgrading to windows not enhances the look of your home but also saves money. Understanding that every home is unique Lancaster Windows and Doors offers an array of window styles and materials to cater to architectural designs and personal tastes. We’ll help you discover the windows that complement your homes style and budget.

    Whether you like the elegance of hung windows provided by casement windows or the contemporary flair of sliding windows we have options available for all preferences. Bay and bow windows create an eye catching point by adding space and natural light while picture windows are good for almost anything. Awning windows, which open from the outwards allow for greater ventilation.

    In today’s eco world, energy efficiency plays a role. Lancaster Windows and Doors knows how to lower the bills. Our range of products incorporates cutting edge technologies, like Low E glass coatings, argon gas fills and insulated frames to reduce heat transfer and lower energy consumption. By switching to our energy windows homeowners can save significantly on their heating. Cooling costs while also contributing to a greener environment.

    The effectiveness of a top notch window depends greatly on its installation process. Here at Lancaster Windows and Doors we take pride in our team of installers who ensure each window is fitted with precision. Our installation procedure is thorough and meticulous starting with an evaluation of your existing windows and home structure to address any issues. Accurate measurements are taken to guarantee a fit for your windows preventing any air or water infiltration that could affect their performance. Our team handles the removal of your windows carefully to minimize disruption in your home and avoid damage, to the surrounding areas. Using state of the art tools and methods we install your windows precisely so they are level, plumb and well sealed for functionality.

    We finish the installation by working on both the outside trims improving the look and functionality of your windows. After completing the job we make sure to clean up the area removing all debris and old windows so you can start enjoying your setup right away. What makes Lancaster Windows and Doors unique is our dedication, to ensuring customer satisfaction. From the meeting to after care support we prioritize communication, honesty and professionalism. Our complimentary consultations and detailed estimates give you an understanding of costs and timelines so there are no surprises. You have a variety of customization options including frame materials, colors, finishes and glass choices to match your homes style perfectly. Our extensive warranties and ongoing maintenance advice ensure that your investment remains protected. Additionally our customer service team is always on hand to help with any problems you might have.

    Lancaster Windows and Doors goes beyond the basics; we make sure our service is the best in the business.

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